hello world

As a multidisciplinary experience designer with a background in design, computer science and economics I found my natural habitat in Silicon Valley.

I have a true passion for fusing innovative digital with physical human experiences that explore the interaction of objects, people, new technologies and services. I craft and prototype unique experiences to test and build upon – whether that means making things by hand, with machines, or using code.

Unafraid of challenging conventions, my mission is to think big picture while also focusing on the details that matter, always aspiring to create unique experiences that have impact and are magical.

I am happiest when I am able to collaborate with, learn from and mentor highly talented people in interdisciplinary teams that envision the future and ship great products.

I had the privilege of working with several renowned design agencies, start-ups and corporations. I designed and developed user experiences that aligned human needs and business objectives for highly distinguished and impactful brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Bowers & Wilkins, Deutsche Bank, Red Bull, Continental, Audi, to name a few.

Driven by a sense of wonder and curiosity I live to explore. I call the San Francisco Bay Area my home but also enjoy escaping into nature, travel the world whenever possible and riding any kind of board.