Artemide Ameluna


DEC 2016

Design Manager

–> Creative Lead
–> Interaction Design
–> Visual Design
––> Rapid Prototyping

Mercedes-Benz Style and Artemide jointly designed and developed a futuristic light.
Inspired by the ambient light of the
E-Class the light comes with an accent color that can be individually chosen and adjusted by the user.

Design an app that allows the user to adjust the color of the accent light.

Experience Concept
Light can be a very sensual human experience, it highly effects our mood and emotions. We aimed for a very sensual experience for the iPad app that is easy and delightful to use.

Rapid Prototyping
In order to be able to quickly evaluate and iterate on interaction and visual design concepts I rapidly prototyped several concepts. My prototypes helped to present the concept to the board of management at Daimler and to ensure the correct implementation of the final product by Artemide.

Interaction Design
In reference to the settings menu of the ambient light in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class there are two sliders in the app, that allow the user to adjust the brightness of the main light and the color
of the accent light.

Visual Design
While mostly a take-over from the ambient light remote control of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, I added the visual detail of light radiating from the sliders, making it both fun to interact with and more usable.

A Touch of Light