Verner Panton —

zum Kuckuck for VS Furniture


Interactive Designer

–> UX Concept
–> Interaction Design
–> Prototyping
––> Visual Design


Create a microsite to feature our
Verner Panton furniture line.

Create a system that can be reused both for our other design lines as well as an overall system for our company website.

Experience Concept
Verner Panton is famous for his colorful patterns that are really unique. These patterns and colors were used a lot to create spaces and furniture.

The chairs designed by Panton for VS Furniture stand out through certain properties. They are stackable, adjustable in height and highly ergonomic.

Interaction Design
By browsing the website the user can experience both, the colorful world of Verner Panton as well as the features of his furniture. Little interactive areas amplify this experience.

A timeline guides the user through the interesting life of Verner Panton. A digital catalog guides the user through the specifications of the furniture.

Rapid Prototyping
In order to be able to quickly evaluate and iterate
on interaction and visual design concepts I rapidly prototyped several interactions. These helped presenting the design vision and intended interactions to the customer and facilitated the communication with the front end developer to ensure the correct implementation into the final product.

Visual Design
The visual design is very functional in order to
work with a huge variety of content. However the colorful designs and patterns of Verner Panton served as inspiration for a unique visual design language that made the microsite clearly stand out from its siblings.

The Immersive World of
Verner Panton's Design


Following the tapered shape of the chairs, a kalidoscope moves as the user moves the mouse curser over the interactive element.

Immersive Sofa Landscape

A parallax effect draws the user into the spatial psychedlic sofa landscape of Verner Panton

Order & Disorder

Verner Panton loved playing with geometric patterns and organic structures — as the user hovers the pattern the dots become alive and react

Play the Strings

Recreate structure and bend reality — the user can pull the strings

The Functional
and Ergonomic World
Verner Panton's Design


A cantilever chair that inclines
forward and backwards
the user can explore the ergonomic features
of the chair in a playful way


A chair that is adjustable in all 3 dimensions
the user can explore the ergonomic features
of the chair in a playful way


A chair with a clever, light metal construction which makes it easy to stack multiple chairs up high
the user can explore the clever features
of the chair in a playful way